Lighting in the dining room

The dining room forms the setting for both social gatherings and everyday life. Here you need lighting that creates a cosy ambience and is practical for dining. In addition to this, you can choose a centrepiece pendant above the dining table to create an eye-catching focal point in your interior. Photo: Angle series

Lighting in the dining room

Pendants for rectangular tables

A rectangular table often demands for a longer lamp or more than one pendant. Create your own personal aesthetic by hanging multiple pendants in a row – and feel free to mix different models and designs. Keep to the same colour for a cohesive look.

You can also consider hanging multiple pendants together in a cluster, which creates both an interesting lighting effect and a sculptural look.

Photo: Vico series

Pendants for circular tables

A round dining table looks great with one large, round or oval pendant above it. You can also play around with the design expression and add several smaller pendants in a cluster in different heights and sizes.

Photo: Tinto series

Height of the pendant

Hang the dining table lamp about 50-70 cm above the table. That way, you make sure that everyone can see
each other without being blinded by glare.

Meet our railsystem, Link

Use the Nordlux Link rail system to hang pendants in a row for easy installation and placement - perfect also for extendable tables. Can be used with any pendant of your choice.

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Different ways to dim the dining room lights

If you want to be able to dim the lights of your dining room, you can choose lamps with dimmable, integrated LED that you can operate from your wall dimmer.

Some of Nordlux's products are equipped with Moodmaker™ technology that allows you to dim the light in steps on the lamp or your regular wall switch depending on the product - without the need for installing a dimmer.

You can also add a dimmable bulb for your wall dimmer - or add a Smart bulb where you can control the light from your smartphone or Smart Remote.

Photo: Lilly series

Dim your lights with your traditional wall switch

If you don't have a wall dimmer, you can choose a lamp with built-in dimmer functionality (Moodmaker™) that makes it possible to dim the light directly on the lamp or by your regular wall switch.

Explore Nordlux Moodmaker™

A cosy dining room with ambience light

Just like in the living room, we recommend several smaller light sources to create a cosy ambience in the dining room. Check out our living room guide for more tips and tricks that are also useful in the dining room.

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