Outdoor recessed lighting

Light up your driveway or cosy up your terrace with recessed ground spots from Nordlux. We have a large assortment of recessed ground spots that can be mounted directly in your tiles, paving stones or terrace planks. See our selection of recessed ground spots:

Nordlux ground recessed lighting

The term ‘ground recessed lights’ covers recessed lights directly installed in outdoor pavements and terraces – so that the lamp emits upward light. For an in-ground recessed light to be approved for use, it must have what is called an IP classification of IP67, as they are very vulnerable to both dirt and water. The IP classification / IP67 enclosure classification indicates that the spotlight is dust-proof and protected against short-term immersion in max. 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Spotlights mounted in the driveway
In-ground recessed spotlights should not be used as general illumination, such as in the driveway. Here they can be used to demarcate where to drive, or they may be used exclusively as decorative lighting.

An elegant appearance can by achieved using in-ground recessed lights, which guide you and your guests up towards the house.

Be aware that not all in-ground recessed spotlights are approved for heavy traffic – and even if the spotlight itself can handle the pressure of a car tire, it places great demands on the installation of the spotlight to prevent it being pressed down into the surface under the weight of repeated crossings.

So be aware of approved weight loads for in-ground recessed spotlights, and always ensure fixed installation for driveways unless the lights are to be installed in places on the surfaces where cars do not drive, such as all the way out to the sides.


Ground recessed spotlights on the terrace
You can also choose to install in-ground recessed spotlights in the surface of the terrace or on your wood terrace. It produces an attractive and decorative light that helps to create atmosphere and a stylish emphasis on the property.


Useful information on ground recessed spotlights
Ground recessed spotlights are available in many different designs. Nordlux has a great selection for every taste and style. All are encased within a stainless steel frame that ensures quality, adds durability, and offers a superior look and less maintenance. To preserve the ground recessed spotlight's stunning appearance and surface, we recommend that you treat it with acid-free oil 3-4 times a year. In addition, it is advisable to lubricate the screws so they may be loosened again after installation. Note that using ordinary screwdrivers can cause rust on screws, because they deposit iron particles in the head of the screw. If you want to be sure to avoid rust you can buy special stainless screwdrivers or bits.