Jacob Jensen Design

Jacob Jensen Design is a Nordic design firm that strives to design great value-based products. The design studio dates all the way back to the 1950s and now consists of a global team of young and experienced designers who inspire each other to create iconic products and concepts.

Jacob Jensen Design

Jacob Jensen Design finds inspiration in people’s needs, in their interactions with their surroundings and everyday life. When working with light, Jacob Jensen Design focuses on the dichotomy of light and darkness – where one presupposes the other.

“The interesting thing about working with light is the transformation between night and day. The duality that is required. Lighting is not just an accessory for your home; it is not just functionality nor just good looks. It serves a double purpose, but not at the same time. Finding a design that works in both light and darkness is a great challenge.”

Good design is achieved by creating products that improve the life of the user. When working with new design ideas, Jacob Jensen Design always incorporates their set of design principles: distance, closeness and touch.

“Our three design principles ensure the user’s experience and journey from the first time they lay eyes on the product. From appealing, intuitive recognition from a distance, to discovering those extra well-thought-out details and finally to the emotional aftereffect of the “wow!””

Aludra: Born out of a long and proud design tradition

The award-winning Aludra series has a distinct and appealing appearance with its unique ribbed surface. All visualised and designed by Jacob Jensen Design.

“With this design, our goal was a vivid experience. The surface should appear to open and close as you move past it, letting light out just for you.”

- Jakob Kjær Nielsen, Global Design Director at Jacob Jensen Design