Designers Trust by Timothy Jacob Jensen

Timothy Jacob Jensen is the chief designer and founder of the “design as a service” platform Designers Trust. Designers Trust brings together some of the most competent designers in the world and offers them the opportunity to contribute to better and more sustainable design solutions.

Designers Trust by Timothy Jacob Jensen

Timothy Jacob Jensen comes from the illustrious Jensen family – one of the most award-winning names in the world of industrial design. From a very young age, Timothy felt drawn to becoming a designer just as his father and grandfather had been. At the age of 16, he became an apprentice to his father and embarked on his new creative way of life.

Timothy gets inspiration for new designs from all aspects of his life – while in the shower, walking on the beach and especially when working on a creative project.

"In my opinion, good design is like good music, excellent food or unique solutions from nature. Good design should be alluring and appealing. It should draw you in and make you want to see more."

The close collaboration with other designers also contributes to better and more interesting designs. Working with designers from all over the world offers new perspectives and ideas for the creative process.

“I have always found it inspiring to work with other designers. Other people see things differently and offer new solutions that you might not have thought of. Design is sometimes a long and demanding process, and in my opinion, you should always aim to find ways to accommodate the perfect solution."
“I have always been inspired by the 3,500-year-old sun chariot sculpture that pulls the sun across the sky during the day, and pulls the moon across the sky at night. This was our inspiration for the Bring light – the idea of being able to bring the light with you, wherever you need it." 

A valuable collaboration with Alasdair McPhail

The portable Bring light is the fruit of a close collaboration with designer Alasdair McPhail – former chief designer at Nokia and part of the in-house design teams of Samsung and Microsoft. An inspiring and innovative partnership that has resulted in a stylish, dimmable outdoor light made from recycled materials.