Easy dimming with Nordlux Moodmaker™

The fastest and most effective way to create a certain ambience in the home is through lighting. A simple change from functional light to light with a cosy glow changes the atmosphere in the room in an instant. Photo: Clyde series

Easy dimming with Nordlux Moodmaker™

How does Moodmaker™ work?

Nordlux Moodmaker™ makes it possible to easily change the light according to situations and needs. Moodmaker™ is a built-in dimmer function that works with your traditional wall switch or on/off lamp switch depending on the individual lamp model.

This way, you do not need a traditional dimmer that can be both expensive and difficult to install. Nordlux Moodmaker™ products make an excellent alternative that do not require additional devices, demanding setup processes or technical specifications.

Photo: Helva series

Explore dimming with Nordlux Smart

If you choose a Nordlux Smart bulb, you can dim your lights with just a tab on your smartphone or with the Nordlux Smart remote. Gain full access to all the Smart functionalities such as scheduling, voice control, timers and much more by adding a Nordlux Smart Bridge.

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Decorative lighting with Moodmaker™

Our range of decorative lighting with built-in Moodmaker™ functionality makes it easy to choose just the right dimmable lamp for your needs.

Add a very decorative lighting design to your interior and tap the on/off button or flick your regular wall switch a couple of times to set the ambience you want.

Photo: Balance series

Functional lighting with Moodmaker™

Some of our more functional series also come with built-in MoodmakerTM functionality. Here you can choose between Moodmaker™ spots, ceiling and wall lights that are perfect to place in the hallway, bathroom or kitchen.

These series provide a very practical light that can be dimmed by your regular wall switch.

Photo: Oja series

Outdoor lighting with Moodmaker™

It is very convenient to have the possibility of dimming your out- door lights to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere.
Most of our portable Take Me Anywhere series can be adjusted in three steps, making the bright summer nights last even longer.

The lamps can light up the dark for several hours and are easily charged by USB.

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