Charlotte Høncke

Charlotte Høncke has always had a great passion for design and knew from a very early age that she wanted to pursue a carrier in design or architecture. In 2002 she graduated from Aarhus School of Architecture in Industrial Design, and a few years later she chose to become self-employed working with design full time.

Charlotte Høncke

Charlotte finds inspiration everywhere she goes – from nature, architecture or travelling the world. New ideas often require new methods for designing and creating which sometimes forces her to explore new ways.

“I like exploring new materials, shapes and techniques and I never choose the easy way out. That sometimes causes challenges, both for me as a designer but also for the manufacturer. But exploring new methods is also what makes the job diverse and exciting.”

Lighting design is something that Charlotte Høncke finds particularly interesting because of its versatility and the need for balancing functionality with aesthetics.

“Besides having to provide the right, functional light, I also think lamps need to be beautiful when turned off. Lamps are one of the elements that bring most atmosphere into the interior, and I personally like to have many different types of lamps in my home to create just the light and atmosphere I want.”
“I’m very proud of Maple. I really like the simple, organic shapes and the way the light unfolds and hits the shades. It almost resembles large flower petals that embrace the light in an effortless way"