Lighting in the living room

We spend a great deal of our time in the living room, both in our every day life and when entertaining guests. The living room therefore has to be an inviting space that sets the mood for both relaxing, reading, talking and watching tv. When you want to create a living room that oozes cosiness, ease and tranquillity, lighting makes a huge difference. Join us for inspiration on how to easily create a cosy atmosphere in your living room. Photo: Artist series

Lighting in the living room

Table lamps for the living room

When creating cosiness in the living room, a basic rule is to choose a number of small light sources rather than a single large one. Small table lamps are brilliant creators of cosiness. They are easy to move around and can be placed on a shelf, windowsill, side table or anywhere you need cosy lighting.

Table lamps in the window create good ambient lighting and a sense of cosiness when it gets dark outside.

Photo: Glossy series

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Floor lamps for the living room

Use a floor lamp to create ambience (and a good reading light) around the sofa area or your favourite armchair. Mix heavier furniture with light lamps to balance your interior design.

Photo: Nexus series

Pendants for the living room

Place your lamps to light up dark corners and create pleasant lighting throughout the room. If you love pendants and wall lamps, you can create an interesting effect by hanging them lower in the living room than in the rest of the home. This helps anchor the mood and make the ambience cosier.

Do you want a pendant above the coffee table? Choose one that is closed at the bottom, so you do not get the full glare of the bulb and hang the pendant at a height that allows you to see everyone around the coffee table.

Photo: Uma series

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