Down lighters

Recessed spots/downlights are a very popular form of lighting in many homes, and with good reason. Firstly, they are a discreet solution as they often fit nicely into the ceiling and so are not noticeable. This is also a versatile type of lighting that can be mounted where other types of lights can’t be installed. See our selection of recessed spots:

Nordlux built-in

Recessed lights/down-lights are a very popular form of lighting in many homes, and there are several good reasons for this. First, it is a discreet solution as the spotlights often match the lines of the ceiling and thus are discrete. In addition, it is a versatile type of lighting that can be mounted where other types of lights cannot be installed. It is important to check that the spotlights you choose are approved for your desired location.

Recessed spotlights in the kitchen
It is very important to have good and proper lighting in the kitchen. Placing recessed spotlights in the ceiling is a good solution for general lighting. Select spotlights with good light dispersion so the light can illuminate a large area. Pay particular attention to ensuring good lighting by the sink and counter where you prepare food, and place the spotlights far enough over the table so as to not shadow the light. Adjustable spotlights have the advantage of allowing you to tilt the light whichever direction you might need. In the kitchen, it can also be a good idea to install recessed or external spotlights under your cupboards or shelves. It provides good, direct work lighting.

Recessed spotlights in the bathroom
Before choosing lights for your bathroom, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the special requirements for lights used in wet areas. You need both general lighting and more direct/concentrated lighting at the mirror. Recessed spotlights are suitable as general lighting, and in principle, a bathroom can hardly get too much light. Especially small bathrooms can be made to appear larger by adding more light. You can centre a lamp above the mirror or place wall lights on each side of it. It provides good lighting for applying make-up or shaving.

Recessed spots in the foyer
Foyers are often confined spaces without windows, so they should be well lit. Recessed lighting in the ceiling is an optimal solution, as it provides good lighting while not occupying the extra space that a pendant lamp, for example, would.

Installation directly into insulation
For some installations it may be necessary to mount recessed spotlights directly into insulation. Nordlux offers Mixit and Mixit Pro, which are both approved for mounting directly into insulation. Packaging and general product info includes information on whether the product can be installed directly into insulation - or whether it requires a certain free installation height and ambient free air around the spotlight (in liters). When installing LED bulbs in spotlights that can be installed directly into insulation, it is a good idea to use SMD LED bulbs instead of COB LED bulbs, as SMD LED bulbs develop less heat. However, this is not a requirement but rather a recommendation.

Recessed spotlights with LED bulbs
LEDs generate less heat than halogen bulbs, and therefore do not require as much surrounding air as do halogen lights, where in the latter there can be a risk of fire if the requirements for free space around the spotlight are not observed. But it is very important to know that LED bulbs are very sensitive to thermal exposure. If the LED bulbs cannot get rid of heat, their otherwise very long life will be shortened significantly. Therefore, Nordlux requires the same dimensions for recessed spotlights with replaceable LEDs as for spotlights with halogen bulbs. In this way we ensure that even with a regular incandescent bulb the lamp and its surroundings do not become too hot.

If you are using spotlights with LED bulbs installed according to the instructions, the benefits will include the LED bulb’s longevity, pleasant lighting, and an energy and environmentally friendly lamp.