Outdoor ceiling lighting

Outdoor ceiling lights make a very good solution because they do not take up much space, they are simple in design and style, and thus suit many different types of buildings. They are perfect for mounting under eaves, where they provide good light and have a large lighting surface. They can also be set up at the front door, either next to the door or above it. It will provide a good orientation light, so you can welcome your guests and feel safe when darkness falls.

Nordlux outdoor ceiling lighting

Ceiling lights are also ideal for mounting in the garage/carport or shed, as they do not occupy much space and provide excellent work lighting. If you choose a light source with LED the light will switch on immediately, unlike, for example, old fluorescent lights, which must warm up first. It may also be advantageous to choose a ceiling lamp with a sensor that can only turn on when activated.

In apartment buildings, ceiling lights are often used as outdoor lighting in stairwells. In these areas, it is a good idea to choose ceiling lights with vandal-resistant plastic covers in polycarbonate (PC), which is more resistant to footballs, for example.