Studio Mavro//Lefèvre by Sofie Lefèvre

The road to becoming a designer has not been straight ahead for Sofie Lefèvre. She started studying medicine, but after a year changed her course and continued her education within the design field. Several years in London and a degree in Innovation Design from Royal College of Art gave her hands-on experience and the drive to pursue a career within design.

Studio Mavro//Lefèvre by Sofie Lefèvre

Working with lighting design comes naturally to Sofie. She understands and emphasizes the impact light has on our lives and is fascinated by the way light can change the interior:

“I find it very interesting working with atmospheres created by light. There are so many aspects where my inner child can be released, playing with angles, materials and openings to create the wanted reflection or diffusion of light.”

For Sofie Lefèvre, good design must be relevant. It has to touch something in us, either practically or emotionally to justify its existence. When facing challenges in her work, Sofie likes to step away from the process to do something completely different.

“I generally like challenges. Challenges create a sense of suspension, even though I know that it’s almost always possible to find a solution – it’s really just a matter of time. If I feel like I’m stuck, I always leave the work to do something complete- ly different. In this process my subconscious is still working on the problem, and I suddenly get a lot of new ideas or ways to approach the issue. It al- ways happens at the most unexpected times."
”Navone holds a special place in my heart. It is inspired by the fascinating glass art from the Murano Island in Italy. The design of Navone is quite timeless, and I love how the suspension becomes an extension of the shape of the glass – two shapes in one harmonic interplay."