Nordlux Link

The Nordlux Link System gives you endless possibilities to link and connect your light with Nordlux Link rails, connectors and adaptors. Create the light setup that fits your home and explore all the options of easily adding and moving your favourite spots and pendants. Photo: Koniekel series

Nordlux Link

How does Nordlux Link work?

The Link system makes mounting of spots and pendants simple and easy. Choose your desired shape and size of the Link rail and connect it to the power outlet.

Then, simply click the spot or pendant into the rail wherever you want it. It is easy to move the lamps along the rail and to add more lights without having to drill any holes.

Photo: Rondie series

Explore Nordlux Link in the hallway

Nordlux Link is a practical solution for creating good lighting in the hallway. We have gathered our best inspiration for hallway lighting for you right here.

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Choose your accessories

To connect your rails in the shapes, angles and sizes you want, you can choose between our wide range of Link connectors and adaptors.

Choose your favourite lighting

If you want to hang one, two or multiple pendants of your own choice in the rail system, you can use the pendant adaptor to easily connect any pendant to the rail.

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