Clamp lamps

A clamp spot, or clamp light, is a small handy lamp which you can move to wherever you need light. Clamp lights make the perfect reading light as they are easy to attach to e.g. a bookshelf, window sill, shelves, etc., and can be easily moved around as the clamp is opened by hand. Nordlux offers a wide selection of clamp spots and clamp lights. See our selection of clamp spots:

Nordlux clamp lighting

A clamp spotlight is a small and practical lamp that allows you to adjust light to where you need it. It's perfect for attaching to a bookshelf and is easily moved around because the clamp is opened by hand – it has no screws, and you can fasten it where you like. It is also practical at your desk or as a bedside lamp if you need reading light. A clamp light is also a good solution for a child’s room. Here we recommend that you choose one with an integrated LED or that uses an LED light source in the lamp, so it does not develop too much heat. This eliminates the risk of your child being burned by the lamp.

Nordlux offers a variety of clamp spotlight designs. If you seek a modern and minimalist style, the Mento clamp spotlight is the perfect choice. It has a simple and sleek design and integrated LED light source. Cyclone’s discreet design is perfect for a children's room, where it will provide good lighting as a bedside lamp or attached to the edge of the desk. The Photo clamp lamp has a more retro look, but will still fit into most homes and decors. It is made of polished aluminium and has a black clamp that is protected by a black rubber bumper, so that it does not damage table edges, shelves, or the like.