One click to change the atmosphere

Our everyday life offers many different situations, which all require different types of lighting. Nordlux Smart gives you the possibility to customize your lighting at home by providing you with pre-set moods or allowing you to create and save your own moods. The moods can be activated on one single light bulb or on multiple light-sources simultaneously, for example your whole living room. This way you will easily find the perfect light for every situation, making your everyday activities more effective and fun.

  • Use the “relax” mood for a cozier evening dinner, letting warm lights compliment the atmosphere
  • Be more productive when working from home, where “focus” gives you the perfect cool lighting to concentrate
  • Improve your sleep with “night light”, where dimmed, warm lighting transitions you into deep sleep
  • Create your own preset moods for your coming party, with the perfect lights for dinner, lounge and dance

You have all the opportunities.