Designed for Seaside

Nature is beautiful - but it can also be rough. Crashing waves, wind, salt and especially sand can be a challenge for your home and your outdoor lighting. For Danish Nordlux, this beautiful but harsh nature and weather is part of everyday life. We therefore strive to produce lamps created from natural materials which are also resistant and durable, year after year, in relentless weather and nature.

Designed for Seaside

Suited for coastal weather

Particularly harsh outdoor environments make extra demands of outdoor lighting, as high levels of water, sand and salt are wearing on materials and accelerate corrosion. Our special “Designed For Seaside” products are constructed in extra-resistant materials such as copper, brass, corten and galvanised steel, which are particularly suitable for areas close to the coast with severe weather. 

Coastal areas are generally defined as those within a radius of 10 km of the coast – in certain cases, however, it can be up to 25 km due to wind conditions.

Galvanised steel

You will also find galvanised steel in the series of durable materials, which is a speciality of Nordlux’s and one of our most preferred materials for outdoor products. Therefore, our range of outdoor lamps is broadest in this area. We appreciate the beautiful appearance the product takes on and the material’s great potential, which allows us to offer better and more durable lamps to as many people as possible - in coastal areas and in cities. The quality of the galvanising is a great priority at Nordlux and therefore it is worth knowing what is means, when a lamp is galvanised.


What is galvanising?

Galvanising is a chemical process, where acid cleaned steel is dipped into 460°C melted zinc. When the steel is dipped into the melted zinc, a chemical reaction between the metals occur, where the zinc in a way rusts and form a surface alloy that protects the steel against outside elements that normally would cause rust. This process makes Nordlux’s galvanised products durable and a natural product as it is created of natural materials and metals.

Brass, copper & corten steel

Brass, copper and corten steel come together to create a beautiful symphony of products which can withstand the harsh weather and simultaneously age gracefully over time, without deteriorating. Here we can highlight our Aleria and Helix wall lamps, which are inspired by the harsh Nordic weather, and where the maritime design emphasizes the raw and rustic.

Use and maintenance

At Nordlux we recommend galvanised lamps for most outdoor environments. Due to the chemical process all our galvanised lamps are durable and resistant towards the elements, which means that galvanised lamps are advantageous near the shore. When you purchase a galvanised lamp, it will have a glossy surface. The surface will over time take on a beautifully matt and rustic appearance, as the natural and living material moves and changes continuously.

A galvanised lamp generally does not require any maintenance. Yet, it is recommended by Nordlux - especially in areas near the coast - to frequently wash the lamp with warm water and a soft brush to remove salt and in that way achieve the longest possible lifetime.

As the lamp is manually dipped in the melted zinc, there can be variations in the surface in the shape of an uneven surface or minor formations of drops that will be evened out after a few years of exposure.

In addition, the galvanizing process can also leave thin ‘zinc curtains’ hanging from the edge of the shade. They can be easily removed with a soft brush.

15-year guarantee

Nordlux offers a 15-year guarantee on all outdoor lamps in galvanized steel, copper and brass. This guarantee applies to extensive corrosion in the form of holes in the metal caused by rust. The guarantee is subject to presentation of receipt.
There is no guarantee on components which have been affected by wear and tear or mistreatment of the lights.

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Painted lamps for coastal areas

We are proud to offer an extensive range of outdoor lighting in our unique "Designed for Seaside" coating, which has an unprecedented 10-year guarantee on surface deterioration. Find some of our most popular models and our latest designs in a colour that suits your home.

10-year guarantee

Nordlux offers a 10-year guarantee on all our outdoor lights that have a special surface treatment and paint specifically for coastal areas. This guarantee covers widescale deterioration of the lamp’s surface. The guarantee is subject to presentation of a valid receipt.

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