Lighting in the office

Whether you work from home, do creative projects or study, it is important to create a good working environment at home. A home office should feel comfortable to be in, but you must also be able to work productively and concentrate – and lighting plays a central role here. This is why we would like to offer you our top tips on how to create the right lighting in your home office. Photo: Stay series

Lighting in the office

Ceiling light for the office

First of all, try to select a room with good natural lighting for your home office. This will allow you to utilise the natural light, helping to increase your productivity. Besides natural light, you should always consider having good ceiling lighting in the office, as this helps prevent fatigue.

For this, we recommend large or several smaller glare-free lights throughout the entire room. Ceiling lights with a diffuser or frosted shade emit a good functional light throughout the room and do not take up unnecessary space.

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Light for your desk

Above all, it’s crucial to have the right lamp at your work station when you are working long hours. Factors to consider here include glare and reflection of the light on your computer screen. You might also want to consider the possibility of adjusting the brightness of the light. Once you have selected your table lamp, you should think about where to place it. For the best results, place the lamp opposite the hand you write with to avoid casting shadows.

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Pendants for your desk

Most people associate work lamps with desk lamps. But it is also possible to choose an elegant pendant lamp - or two - to hang over your desk, creating personality and life in your office.

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