Floor lamps

Floor lamps are an important part of the home decor, and they can often be a piece of furniture in themselves. A floor lamp is not intended as general room lighting, but rather as a decorative element that can be used to set a mood or light a specific area. See our selection of floor lamps:

Floor Lighting

Floor lamps are an important part of interior design, and they can often be furniture in their own right. A floor lamp is not intended to be general room light-source, but rather more of a decorative element, which can be used to create atmosphere or area lighting.

A floor lamp is a very flexible solution and can be positioned anywhere with a nearby electrical outlet. It makes it versatile, and you can easily change the look of the room by simply moving the lamp to a new location.

The floor lamps you choose can either complement the existing interior design style, or they may help give the style a little twist, if one wishes. Colour, size, and material all play a role. Nordlux have floor lamps that are compatible with many different styles. For example, Break, Ray, and Duo are classic lamps that can match most homes. If you prefer modern and minimalist design lamps, Pure and Patton are ideal. If you want a more simple look, Nexus or Vanila are good candidates for your new floor lamp.

Another important parameter is the floor lamp’s function. If you want the lamp in your reading corner, select a lamp with a rotating head which can be adjusted to the desired angle. The movable shade also allows you to project the light upwards. Home lighting is often downward facing in all rooms. It can create a dark feeling and make the room appear smaller. This is because the light is not scattered throughout the space. A floor lamp is perfect to use in dark corners where a lamp head can be directed both upwards and downwards. It creates an elegant effect and exudes atmosphere.

The floor lamp can also be used in places other than the living room. In the bedroom, it can be a good solution to use a floor lamp for a bedside lamp – it creates a light appearance, while at the same time ensuring that the lamp does not occupy space on the bedside table, or is fixed onto the wall. In the foyer, a floor lamp can be a cosy addition to lighting such as ceiling spotlights or a ceiling light.