Solar lighting

Our Solar concept is a series of solar powered outdoor lighting that is charged by sunlight during the day. All our solar products have included batteries and can easily be installed with no cables needed. The range of solar powered lighting includes wall lamps, transportable lamps, and lamps with included spikes, that easily can be installed wherever you want in your garden, driveway, or other outdoor areas. In the following you can explore more about the Solar concept.

Solar lighting

Solar powered lamps for facade and paths

Rica, Agena and Alya are examples of cordless, solar powered lamps, that easily can be installed with no cables needed to illuminate your outdoor space.

They are charged by sunlight during the day and will automatically light up when detecting motion – which makes them perfect by your front door or along the driveway to indicate the way to the house.

If you have more space and a broader driveway, you can choose the Rica pole lamp, which easily can be mounted in flower beds along the driveway.

Rica, Agena and Alya need six hours of sunlight to be fully charged. After charging for six hours, they will turn on for one minute for each motion detection.

Photo: Alya series

With the right outdoor lighting you can create a comfortable atmosphere, but outdoor lighting is also very practical, as it provides the right light for finding your way home at night.

With the solar powered Nama series, you both get a cozy and practical light output, that automatically turns on when darkness falls.

Nama is perfect to place along your driveway or entrance path, as the light will switch from nightlight to full light when you walk by, which allows you to see steps or stairs and let yourself in safely.

Nama comes with an included spike that is easy to place in the ground with no
cables needed.

Photo: Nama series

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Solar powered, transportable products for
the terrace

As a part of our solar range, we have created a series of cordless, transportable lamps – Bob and Leo. They both have a practical handle, that you easily can crab and take with you wherever you need it.

Place them in the sunlight during the day, and they will automatically light up at night.

The curved bamboo adds a soft and natural look, that is perfect for warm summer nights at the terrace.

Photo: Bob series