Exterior lighting with sensor

You can advantageously choose an outdoor lamp with a sensor, so that it turns on automatically whenever it detects motion. By choosing a sensor lamp, you get both an energy-saving lamp and a convenient lamp, which doesn’t require you to flip a switch.

Exterior lighting with sensor

Control your outdoor lights with sensors

By using a sensor or a sensor lamp you can advantageously let your light turn on automatically whenever it detects motion and it is also dark.

All Nordlux outdoor lamps that have built-in motion sensors also contain a twilight sensor. This means that the light will only be triggered and turn the lamp on when it is almost dark (twilight). In some lamps it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor, the length of time for which the light comes on and how dark it must be before the sensor is triggered - others have presets.

In addition to the sensor itself, some of Nordlux’s sensor lights have a “manual override” feature integrated. This allows you to ensure constant lighting outside for an entire evening where you have guests coming and going, for example.

Photo: Agger series