Material selection of outdoor lights

Nordlux outdoor lamps are specially developed and tested for outdoor environments. All our outdoor products have a minimum rating of IP23 and are specially designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Material selection of outdoor lights

Particularly harsh outdoor environments make extra demands of outdoor lighting, as high levels of water, sand and salt are wearing on materials and accelerate corrosion. Our special “Seaside” products are constructed in extra-resistant materials such as copper, brass, nickel, corten and galvanised steel, which are particularly suitable for areas close to the coast with severe weather. Nordlux offers a 15-year anti-corrosion warranty on these products, and you can find them by looking for the “Designed for Seaside” icon on the packaging.

Coastal areas are generally defined as those within a radius of 10 km of the coast – in certain cases, however, it can be up to 25 km due to wind conditions. We do not provide a warranty on our standard outdoor products if they have been used in coastal areas.

Suited for coastal weather

Galvanised steel

Galvanised steel is resistant to corrosion, and therefore lends itself ex- tremely well to coastal areas where the property is exposed to all kinds of weather. When you buy a lamp that is galvanised, it will have a glossy surface, which will eventually assume a more matte and rustic look. Hot dip galvanising is carried out manually.

When the metal is dipped into the molten zinc, the metals react with each other to create an alloy on the surface. Since the lamp and its com- ponents are manually dipped into the hot zinc, this treatment can leave variations in the coating in the form of an uneven surface and some mi- nor droplet formations.

The hot dip-process can also leave thin “zinc-curtains” on the surface, which may appear as a thin film which hangs down from the outside of the lamp/shade. This film can easily be removed with a soft brush.

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Plastic is a strong material and is therefore suitable for areas with severe weather.

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Brass is a very sturdy and weather resistant material, which makes the material suitable for outdoor lights.

It is an alloy consisting of copper and zinc, which will eventually take on a darker patina, more like a beautiful, light-brownish colour.

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Corten steel is a type of steel that is incredibly durable in all kinds of weather. The surface of corten steel rusts very quickly, which forms a protective layer that extends corrosion time with up to 8 years compared to regular steel.

Changeable weather helps maintaining this protective layer, which provides a greater resistance to corrosion than on other types of steel. The process creates a beautiful, rusty-red surface that may gradually change character and color over time.

Corten steel lamps are therefore both durable and completely maintenance-free - adding a modern and unique look to your home. If you choose to bury corten steel, this will shorten the corrosion time.

PLEASE NOTE: When unpacking the corten lamps, we recommend that you wipe away any loose rust with a damp cloth, as this can rub off on the surroundings, which may also need to be protected from any future rust stains.

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Copper has a characteristic, orange-red color which – when exposed to changing weather – gets a decorative, green surface called verdigris. This surface is not only beautiful, but at the same time protects the ma- terial from further corrosion attacks.

This means that lamps in copper are both incredibly beautiful and very durable in areas with changeable and harsh weather.

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Not suited for coastal weather

Stainless steel

With its shiny and uniform surface, stainless steel is suitable for outdoor use. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, chromium and nickel.

In connection with the pickling process, a thin, corrosion-protective oxide layeris formed on the surface. The surface is affected continuously by atmospheric conditions and other influences from the immediate environment, which meansthat the lamps must be treated continuously if the surface is to remain smooth and free from rust. Before mounting, the lamps are treated with acid-free oil. Afterwards, they are wiped with a soft cloth. The treatment with acid-free oil is repeated three to four times a year.

Overall, stainless steel lamps are not recommended for aggressive environments with harsh weather.

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All our lacquered outdoor lamps (incl. in black, grey or white) are made from aluminium. Please note that we do not recommend lacquered lamps for coastal areas and that we do not provide a warranty if they are used in such areas. Coastal areas are defined as those within a radius of 10 km of the coast – or, in certain cases, up to 25 km.

The surface of lacquered lamps is not as robust as that of lamps made from pure metals and can crack/corrode after several years of use. The reason for this is that the material from which lacquered lamps are made is not as strong as hot-dip galvanised lamps made from copper, brass, nickel, corten and galvanised steel. Lacquered aluminium lamps are therefore best suited to milder environments where they are not impact- ed by sand, seawater and wind.

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