Which rules must be observed for lighting in the bathroom?

First and foremost it must be decided where in the bathroom the lamp should be placed. Then you have to identify the area/zone (the bathroom is divided into 3 zones).

The different areas in the bathroom require different IP-degree for the lamps. IP-degree is an international classification that describes the density of the lamp and is especially important when buying bathroom lamps.

In area 1 and 2 the requirement is IPX4. In practice that means IP44, and if the lamps are exposed to water jets the recommended IP-degree is IP55. Lamps with IP44 are protected against sprinkling of water and steam and can be used on the outer edge of a shower cubicle or bathtub if they are mounted 0.6 meters from the shower head as a minimum.

Bathroom areas/zones

Area / Zone 0:
This area covers the bathtub, the shower basin and the lower 10 cm in shower cubicle with closed doors.

Area / Zone 1:
Covers the area above area 0 at a height up to 2.25 meters.

Area / Zone 2:
Covers the area 60 cm from the shower cubicle, shower basin or bathtub edge within a height of 2.25 meters.

Outside the above mentioned zones all lamps must be placed.

What does IP mean, and why and when is IP used?

IP means: International Protection and applies to the item’s enclosure.

IP is indicated along with 2 digits, (i.e. IP20) to state how safe the item is as regards the ingress of dust, solid objects and water. The first digit always indicates the degree of protection against foreign matters penetrating the product, but at the same time, it indicates a certain minimum degree of protection against contact with hazardous components. The second digit indicates the degree of protection against water penetrating the material.

Can all Nordlux lamps be mounted with LED?

Yes (except for those with integrated LED) if the size of the light bulb allows it to be fitted in the lamp. It is the physical size and not the Watts in the light bulb that determine whether you can fit it in the lamp when it comes to energy-efficient light bulbs.

Can a wall lamp also be fixed as a ceiling lamp?

No, not always, as the heat generation varies on the fixing surface depending on whether the lamp is mounted on a ceiling or a wall.

How does a touch light fixture work?

A touch light fixture is a light fixture which is touch-sensitive, so that by touching it, you can adjust the brightness, either in steps or steplessly.

Where can Nordlux wires be used?

Nordlux cables can be used in lamps where the wire can/has to be changed which can be seen in the instructions that come with the lamp. Nordlux cables are heat-resistant up to 90°. The cable is 2X0.75 square and can thus carry a lamp weight of max. 2.25 kg.

Which lamps can be used in a sauna?

Nordlux do not have any lamps that can be fixed in a sauna. Lamps for saunas require a specific density and heat degrees.

Rail system (Link/Viking): How do I move the lamp on the rail system?

After fixing the adaptor to the rail it cannot be pushed/pulled forwards or backwards in the rail, but must be taken off and moved to the chosen position.

Can the rail system be used for 12V?

No, it cannot, as the copper conductors in the rail system are not made for the current that is deposited in a 12V installation.

Does Nordlux have dimmable light fixtures?

Nordlux does not have fixtures that can be dimmed.

Does Nordlux have light fixtures that can be installed in inflammable areas?

Nordlux does not have fixtures that may be installed in Atex areas (areas with explosion hazards), as very specific requirements apply in terms of safety, with respect to seals and heat insulation.

Which generators are found in Nordlux light fixtures?

All luminaires have HF coils, which provides optimal energy consumption and flicker-free light.

Break - Mounting the pleated shade

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Artist - Balancing the lampshade

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