Outdoor lighting

Having the right outdoor lighting is at least as important as having the right lighting indoors. Where indoor lighting mainly serves to set the right mood and add a cosy atmosphere, outdoor lighting also has a more practical purpose: to make it easy for you to see where you are going. Nordlux is the Nordic region's leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting, and our large range of outdoor lights includes outdoor lighting for the front door, driveway and garage, as well as the garden and terrace. See our selection of outdoor lights:

Outdoor lighting

Nordlux outdoor lighting
Before choosing the outdoor lighting for your house and garden, you need to find out where you need the light, and what kind of light it should be. Dividing your outdoor space into sections and assessing the need from section to section can be a great help. A section may be:

  • The front door
  • The driveway
  • Garage and shed
  • The terrace
  • The garden

Outdoor lighting at the front door
At the front door, you need good and functional outdoor lighting which allows you to find your way, let yourself in and see steps or stairs. In addition, it is important that the light makes you and your guests feel welcomed. An illuminated front door can also increase the feeling of security when you return home in the darker hours, as well as allowing you to see who is ringing your doorbell. So, choose either one wall light fixture mounted beside the door – or two if you want more light and symmetry. An outdoor light fixture aligned centrally above the front door is also an option.


Lighting the driveway
In the driveway, it is also important to be welcomed by good lighting which indicates the way to the house. Wall lights can be installed if you have a wall or a fence. If you have a narrow driveway you may want to use in-ground spotlights installed into the tiles – the spotlights can function as orientation lights. If you have a wider driveway, you can install pillar lights or garden lights to show the way to the house. It is a good idea to illuminate the driveway – for your own sake, and because it has a preventive effect.


Lighting in the garage and shed
In the garage, you need functional outdoor lighting in order to find your way around, for work light and for when things have to be carried to and from the car. The same applies in the shed, which may be used as a work space, or if light is needed to park the bike, or you if need to find something in the freezer. It can be a good solution to mount spotlights (approved for outdoor use) in the garage ceiling, provided conditions are right. Otherwise, you can mount outdoor ceiling lights or wall lights on the walls of the garage.


Exterior lights in the garden and lighting on the terrace
We increasingly see the gardens and terraces as an extra room, and decorate them with details and comforts reflecting the house's other rooms. Here, outdoor lights play an important role – one of convenience after dark, but also one of cosiness and atmosphere.

You can choose outdoor lighting based on what you want to illuminate when you sit outside, but also based on how you want to be able to get a sense of the garden from inside the house. When the dark places in the garden and around the house are illuminated, the outdoor area appears larger and you make better use of the garden.

On the terrace, for example, in-ground spotlights can be installed in the tiles. This creates a beautiful and atmospheric outdoor lighting. If you want a more flexible lighting, the Nordlux Fuse spear light fixture can be employed. It can be placed in a garden bed or put into a light fixture base on the terrace.