A pendant lamp is a ceiling lamp that hangs freely from the ceiling. A pendant lamp mounted in the ceiling gives you a really good light in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and it can also add light to a dark corner. Pendants have multiple uses but are typically used as dining table lamps where they provide plenty of light over the dining table. See our selection of pendants and ceiling lamps:

Nordlux pendant lighting

With a pendant mounted in the ceiling, you will get a very good light above the dining room table, in the bedroom, in the living room, kitchen, or to bring light to a dark corner – a pendant lamp has many uses.


Before choosing your new pendant lamp, you will need to determine the answers to two questions: In which room will it hang, and what type of lighting do you need?

There are 3 types of lighting:
General room lighting
Area lighting
Mood lighting
A pendant lamp can be used for all 3 types of lighting, and the deciding factor is placement.


If you want to use the pendant lamp as general room lighting, you can mount it to illuminate the entire room, i.e. relatively high and hanging from the ceiling.

The classic placement for a pendant lamp is over the dining table. Here it works as area lighting. When you use a pendant lamp for the dining table, it is important to bear in mind the size of the lamp, the number of lamps you are installing, and how high they will be placed. The size of the lamp must fit the size of the table so that the lamp is not too large. If you have a larger table, you can easily place 2 or more pendant lamps above it, such as on a Link System rail.

It can be two or more lamps that are exactly the same, or, if you want more contrast, you can mix several different designs. In order to create context, it is a good idea to select them in the same colour or material. When hanging lamps above the dining table, we generally tend to hang them too high. A good rule is, that pendant lamps should be hung 50-70 cm above the dining table.

It can be a good idea to have a dimmer for your pendant lamp when it is used above the dining table. This can either be a dimmer installed in the switch, or you can use a light source with built-in step-dimming. If you buy a pendant lamp with integrated LED, be aware of whether or not the LED panel is dimmable. It is important to be able to adjust the light over the dining table, so you can change the intensity of the light depending on the purpose. For homework, it is important to have a good working light, while for a dinner with friends, it is cosy to have a weaker light which provides a more intimate atmosphere.

There are many different styles of pendant lamps. If you are looking for a classic pendant lamp, Brittany, Café, or Trumpet may be good candidates. If you want to have a modern and minimalist look, you can choose lamps such as Strap, Nexus or Pure. Development of LED light sources has also made it possible to create a more sleek and unobtrusive pendant lamp design, because LED panels enable a light source can be incorporated into the body of the lamp. The Artist lamp is an example of a design that would not have been possible without the use of the integrated LED. Glass lamps Dee and Blow are also designed with integrated LED light source, and in these lamps the light source is concealed at the socket so it cannot be seen through the glass.