Find the perfect colour for every occasion

Control & change colour

Control & change colour

The perfect light for a colourful life

Now you can add a splash of colour to everyday life by setting a delicate shade for a cosy movie night or a range of flashing colours for a big celebration. Nordlux Smart makes it easy to choose between millions of colours – just tap the colour you want and activate it for one single light bulb or multiple light sources simultaneously.

  • Choose between millions of different colours – and of course also between various shades of cool to warm whites
  • Set discreet, delicate shades or eye-catching, bright colours for one or multiple lights
  • Add, edit and save your favourite colours for easy and fast access

Get started

With colour adjustment, the Nordlux Smart App allows you to easily create the perfect light for you and your home at any time - showing that technology can be something for everyone.