Table lamps

The table lamp is an important element in the decor, as it both helps to create a cosy atmosphere and provides functional lighting. Nordlux table lamps come in many different materials, styles, and sizes. See our selection of table lamps:

Nordlux table lighting

The lamp is an important element of interior design, as it helps to create a pleasant atmosphere and provide functional lighting. Nordlux table lights come in many different materials, styles, and sizes. Table lights can be placed in the living room, on side tables by the sofa and armchairs, on the desk in the office or in a child's room, and on the nightstand in the bedroom.

The Vanila table lamp is excellent for the living room, as it provides a cosy light that helps to set the mood. Arki table and Cult table are ideal lights for the office desk, because they provide direct lighting that can be controlled by tilting the shade.

Table lights are a simple but effective way to complement decor in rooms such as the living room. If you want a minimalist style, the Nexus table lamp is perfect with its clean and simple design. Cera in brass can help create extra cosiness and warmth – both when switched on and off. In a children’s room, you may want to place a Cyclone or Read flex lamp on the desk. They provide a very good working light for homework, drawing, or other creative activities.

Table lights placed around the home provide good lighting and may also be a stylish part of the decor.