Asger Risborg

Even as a child Asger Risborg Jakobsen found joy in creating all kinds of tools that he played with in the fields and trees around his home. Later Asger chose to make his passion his way of living by studying architecture at The Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen. After three years he felt the joy of designing fading away and needed a change.

Asger Risborg

This time, he wanted to try something completely different. Asger started studying medicine and quickly became fascinated with the architecture of the human body. He gradually rediscovered his joy of designing and now combines working in both fields. In his creative work, Asger finds inspiration in the simultaneous complexity and simplicity of nature – and he is driven by creating designs that outlive trends and that can endure everyday use over many years.

“I find lighting fascinating. It is both a practical and essential tool that enables us to unfold our lives after the sun sets. At the same time, it is an aesthetic element that affects us and our surroundings. It transforms the appearance of materials and shapes. It changes the atmosphere. Everything changes with the light."

With his strong focus on longevity in terms of durability, functionality and aesthetics, Asger Risborg Jakobsen is not subject to short-lived trends and tendencies.

“I believe that instead of making trendy objects we should try to make objects that outlive trends.
The objects we make will of course always reflect our time and in this way, nothing is genuinely timeless, but I aim to create contemporary classics."
“I wanted to create a lamp that combines the delicate qualities of rice paper lanterns with the durability to endure everyday use over many years. I wanted to create a big lamp that could diffuse a lot of light in a comfortable way, but without blocking the view."