Lighting in the garage and basement

A garage and basement can have many functionalities and purposes. For example, it can be used as a utility room, storage area, workshop, game room and much more. No matter how it is used, it is vital to have good lighting in the garage or basement, because these rooms often lack natural light. Below, you can read our top tips for creating lighting for both the garage and basement that meets every requirement and is suitable for all purposes. Photo: Arlington series

Lighting in the garage and basement

Ceiling light for the garage and basement

For the garage and basement we recommend having a good general overhead light as the primary light source, because it will ensure a practical and orientating light. At the same time, a low ceiling height requires lights that do not take up too much space, making ceiling fixtures, batten lights and spotlights good choices for the basement. Batten lights in particular are good, inexpensive solutions for basement lighting as they have a wide beam angle that illuminates the entire room at a low cost.

When choosing lamps for the garage, always remember to keep informed about the IP rating of the lamp, as you often find a dusty and humid environment in the garage. Here we recommend an IP protection of IP44 and above.

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Good lighting in the garage and basement might not be the first that comes to mind when decorating your home with light - but a nice, practical lighting setup really makes these two areas of the home much more useful. In our gallery we have gathered all of our best lighting inspiration for the garage and basement.

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Use motion sensor lights

A good idea for the garage or basement is to install motion sensor lights, so that the light automatically turns on when motion is detected. This can be helpful at times such as when you're carrying an armful of laundry or groceries and can't reach the switch. Motion sensor lights can simultaneously make the basement more useful and appealing to the youngest family members, as they don't have to make their way through the darkness to turn on the light. This functionality can be found integrated in some products or achieved with a Smart Sensor combined with Smart lighting.

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