Outdoor down lighters

Use of outdoor spotlights is very popular – because it is a discreet solution with a big effect which also brings a warm and inviting look to the house.

Nordlux outdoor built-in

Recessed spotlights approved for outdoor installation can be set up in the carport or under the eaves of the house. Before starting the project and choosing spotlights, you need to decide where they are to be installed.

It is important to know when there are special precautions to be observed. If the spotlights will be installed in a place where they are not directly exposed, for example under eaves or in the garage, spotlights with an enclosure rating of IP 23 are sufficient.

If they are to be placed somewhere where they are exposed to the elements, they require a rating of IP44. Ask your electrician for advice so you are sure that all precautionary ordinances are respected.

Distance between spotlights
Many are unsure about the distance between spotlights and how many should be installed. There is no definitive answer because the amount of light one needs is very individual. Here are some tips that can be used as a guideline:

  • Approx. 1 – 1½ meters between each spotlight
  • Think of how powerful each spotlight is – it could be tempting to choose a light source with high wattage and greater distance between spotlights to save on electricity, but such lighting would often seem like too intense and scattered.
  • If you want accent lighting, a light source with low dispersion will offer the best effect, but if you want general illumination in a carport, for example, you should choose a light bulb with a high beam angle.
  • Remember that tiltable spotlights provide opportunities for angling light to illuminate certain areas, correcting for roof pitch where you want light aimed straight down, or to minimise glare.
  • If you have no other light at the front door, it might be a good idea to install more spotlights or put them closer to the door in order to obtain sufficient light.
  • Consider whether you need the spotlights to be dimmable.
  • Avoid putting spotlights up in front of windows as they can be bothersome.