Award winning design

We proudly present the Aludra series

Nordlux has entered an amazing partnership building on innovative design ideas and modern technology. Designed by renowned Jacob Jensen Design and developed and manufactured by Nordlux.

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Meet the designer: Jacob Jensen Design

Jacob Jensen Design finds inspiration in people’s needs, in their interactions with their surroundings and everyday life. When working with light, Jacob Jensen Design focuses on the dichotomy of light and darkness – where one presupposes the other.

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Nordlux Smart just got smarter

We are now ready with a brand-new Nordlux Smart app with a more intuitive interface, multiple new functionalities and more reliability and stability. Download the app from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

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Our favourite table lamps from Design For The People

Our collection from Design For The People contains a wide variety of beautiful table lamps. They are carried out in high-quality materials and come in many different colours and design expressions, making it easy for you to find the perfect match for your home.

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Explore a highlight of the dftp novelties: Mademoiselles

Mademoiselles by Danish design studio Mavro/Lefevre has a fun and light-hearted design expression where the round, oversized shade is balanced by the solid, marble base. Light is reflected upwards onto the bottom of the shade, creating a soft, indirect ambience.

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