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Takai series

Takai by Studio Mavro//Lefèvre by Sofie Lefèvre is a beautiful statement piece that encourages you to admire it from many different angles. The solid, brown marble base has an intriguing shape that effortlessly supports the light fabric shade.

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Meet the designer: Studio Mavro//Lefèvre by Sofie Lefèvre

Working with lighting design comes naturally to Sofie Lefèvre. She understands and accentuates the impact light has on our lives and is fascinated by the way light can change the interior:
“I find working with atmospheric lighting really interesting. There are so many opportunities for me to unleash my inner child, playing with angles, materials and openings to create the right reflection or diffusion of light.”

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Take control of your lighting and create a party atmosphere with Djay

Use Djay to make your shower even more fun with the perfect ambience and your favourite music. Djay combines elegant lighting with a functional Bluetooth speaker that can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet.

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Explore the world of Nordlux Smart

Smart-lighting sounds complicated, but Nordlux Smart is anything but that. This user-friendly Smart system makes it easy to set the perfect lighting both inside and outside using just your phone or the Nordlux Smart remote.

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