Lighting in the kitchen

When spending time in the kitchen, you both need a good, functional light for cooking and a more subdued ambience for a cosy, candlelight dinner. All needs must be met when creating the perfect kitchen light. In this guide we will give you our best tips for creating a nice kitchen ambience. Photo: Artist series

Lighting in the kitchen

Ceiling lighting for the kitchen

When cooking and working in the kitchen, a good functional light is crucial. Therefore, it is a good idea to install recessed spotlights in your kitchen ceiling in order to achieve good overall lighting. We recommend choosing downlights with a large range to distribute the light over a wide area and placing them right above the kitchen counter to avoid casting shadows.

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Are you looking for inspiration for new lighting for your kitchen area? In this gallery we have collected a wide range of inspirational photos - from spots to pendants, ceiling and wall lamps, all perfect for the kitchen.

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Lamps for the kitchen island

Many newer kitchens have incorporated a kitchen island where a lot of the work in the kitchen is done. Here it is also important to have good lighting - you can both light up the island with recessed spots or choose a more aesthetic pendant that also adds a cosy vibe to the room.

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Lamps for the kitchen counter

It is a good idea to ensure a particularly good light by the sink and the countertops where the food is prepared. If you use downlights these should be placed right above the countertops so that your body does not cast shadows. Otherwise wall lamps or pendants above the countertop are also good choices for both a beautiful and practical light.

You can also choose to mount recessed downlights, mounted downlights or battens underneath kitchen cabinets or shelves, as this provides a good, direct working light.

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