Batten light fittings

Ceiling luminaires are also called fluorescent luminaires as they use fluorescent tubes as the light source. Ceiling luminaires are mostly used in rooms where strong general room lighting is needed, such as the kitchen, office, garage, etc. See our selection of ceiling luminaires:

Nordlux fluorescent lighting

Many people are familiar with fluorescent light fixtures. They are elongated fixtures with one or two fluorescent tubes inside. They come in many different varieties and are used for different purposes.


Placement of fluorescent light fixtures
Fluorescent light fixtures are often placed in areas needing strong general lighting. This can be in the garage/carport, basement, or shed – any place where there is a need for good lighting. It is a good and inexpensive solution, as you get a well-lit environment without excessive costs.

The development of LED has made it possible to make LED tubes, which can replace traditional fluorescent lights. The advantage of the new fixtures with LED tubes is that they have a significantly longer life, are energy saving, and turn on immediately. If you want to replace your traditional fluorescent lights with LED tubes, you must be certain to buy LED tubes that are intended for mounting into fixtures with electronic ballast.

These tubes do not contain a coil, as this is already present in the fixture itself. An LED tube with built-in coil will not function in Nordlux fixtures where a traditional fluorescent lamp accompanied the original purchase. If you want to replace an LED tube in a Nordlux fixture sold with LED tubes, you must remember to buy a LED tube with built-in coil, since LED fixtures do not have a separate coil.