Terrace and garden lighting

The perfect summer feeling is when you are all cozied up in the garden or terrace and just enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. With the right lighting, the ambiance can be tailored to make the bright evenings last even longer. Photo: Leo series

Terrace and garden lighting

Portable & battery driven lamps

When creating the perfect lighting setup on your terrace, just grab a cordless lamp by the handle and place it wherever you need it to make a statement or set the mood. The possibilities for a cosy ambiance are endless as our portable series are inviting you to take them anywhere – both inside and outside. And, with the different replaceable accessories for Kettle and Sponge, you can even change the type of lamp that is suited for your dream garden or terrace setup.

More is less

Try using multiple lamps placed in various heights to create a playful balance between darkness and light. Enjoy your outdoor spaces after dark with our range of portable lamps that are a unique mix of form and function.

The design of the portable lamps has been updated with modern LED technology and the charging is done with a mini-USB. The result is elegant, practical, and portable lamps that can be adapted to any occasion by adjusting the brightness from full power to a cosy, subdued lighting.

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Solar powered lamps

It has never been easier to extend the evenings outside than with the decorative solar-powered lights, Bob and Leo. Simply place the portable lamps in a sunny spot, and when dusk arrives, watch them turn on automatically to light up your outdoor space and set a scene just right for a warm summer night.

Bob Solar

Bob is a modern, solar powered and transportable lamp designed by Danish designers Says Who.

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Leo Solar

With an organic, natural design, a practical handle and solar powered light,
Leo is perfect for lighting up your garden, terrace or balcony.

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Light for the garden

Light along garden paths helps you find your way in the dark. Here you can choose spike lights or garden poles to create a beautifully illuminated walking path. Spike lights can also be used to illuminate the face of the building, plants in the garden or other things that you want to stand out. Spike lights are easy to place in the ground and comes with rechargeable batteries or solar cells, where a light sensor automatically turns on the light when darkness falls.