Lighting in the bedroom

We start and end every day in the bedroom - a place to retreat, relax and gain energy for the coming day. When choosing light for the bedroom, you need to think about the different situations that require a calming ambience or a good and practical light. Photo: Nexus series

Lighting in the bedroom

Ceiling light for bedroom

When choosing a ceiling light for the bedroom, we recommend a practical light that can light up the entire room when it is dark outside. A good, practical light is very helpful when getting dressed. You can also choose a ceiling light that has built-in Moodmaker™ functionality - this functionality makes it possible for you to dim the light directly on your regular wall switch, so that you also have a nice, dimmed light when getting up to visit the bathroom at night.

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Wall and table lamps for the bedroom

Wall and table lamps are also good choices for the bedroom. A good, directional reading light will not disturb the other person sleeping next to you. Therefore, we recommend a wall or table lamp with a flexible head that can be adjusted to fit your needs. If you have a small bedside table, a wall lamp frees up space for your other necessities.

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Dim light for nights and mornings

Is your wardrobe in the bedroom? Then a dimmer can help you switch between relaxed night lighting and functional lighting for picking out clothes in the morning.

You can also choose products with Nordlux Moodmaker™ functionality or add a Nordlux Smart bulb for the possibility of dimming your lamps.

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Dim your lights with your traditional wall switch

If you don't have a wall dimmer, you can choose a lamp with built-in dimmer functionality (Moodmaker™) that makes it possible to dim the light directly on the lamp or by your regular wall switch.

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Dim your lights with a Smart Remote

Nordlux Smart can make any lamp dimmable - just add a Smart bulb and use the Smart Remote or your smartphone to dim and adjust the light just the way you want.

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