Lighting in the bathroom

Whether you are getting ready in the morning, taking a relaxing shower or visiting the toilet at night, having the right lighting in the bathroom is very important. Depending on where you need to install lighting in the bathroom, there are various factors that you should be aware of. To make sure that you are choosing the right light, we will provide you with our best tips and tricks for bathroom lighting.

Lighting in the bathroom

Placement of lamps in the bathroom

Before installing light in the bathroom, it is important that you keep informed about the strict regulations concerning lamps in wet areas.

Due to the high levels of moisture and steam, the type of lighting and its locations are determined by bathroom lighting zones. In most countries, the bathroom lighting zones are divided into three zones: zone 0, zone 1 and zone 2.

Please note that the regulations are guiding, and they vary depending on the country you live in.

Bathroom zones

Zone 0:
Covers the inner of the bathtub or the shower basin and areas where the lamp will be under water. Nordlux does not carry lamps for zone 0 (IP68).

Zone 1:
Covers the area above area 0 at a height up to 2.25 meters.

Zone 2:
Covers the area 60 cm from the shower cubicle, shower basin or bathtub edge within a height of 2.25 meters.

All lamps (IP20 or higher) can be placed anywhere outside the above-mentioned zones.

Ceiling light for the bathroom

Installing recessed spots into the ceiling will provide an even light that illuminates the entire room. It is a good idea to place spots directly above the mirror to avoid casting shadows and to ensure a practical and even light.

If you are looking for something else than recessed spots, you can easily light up the room using plafond lights or wall lamps. Just make sure that they all follow the correct IP ratings of your country.

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Lighting up your shower area

The light in the shower area should be both functional and relaxing. If your shower has a fixed shower head, you should avoid installing recessed spots right above it. The shower head will cover a lot of the light, casting shadows downwards in the shower area.

Installing LED spots as hidden ceiling lights will provide a soft light and a sense of natural daylight.

If the lamp is placed higher than 2.25 meters above the ground outside of the three zones, you can choose between practically all ceiling and wall lamps. However, because of the high humidity, we recommend lamps with a minimum of IP44 protection for all areas of the bathroom.

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Light for the bathroom mirror

As we typically start and end the day in front of the mirror of the bathroom, great lighting here is just as important as the ceiling light. Installing a lamp above or vertically next to your mirror prevents the light from casting shadows on your face when applying makeup, shaving or brushing your teeth.

When choosing light for your bathroom mirror, it is important to note that a minimum of IP44 protection is required within 60 cm of the faucet. Outside this diameter of 60 cm, you are allowed to place any lamp of IP20 or higher.

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Set the perfect night and morning light

When visiting the bathroom during the night or getting ready early in the morning, you don't want too much bright light hurting your eyes. A light dimmer makes it easy to adjust the light to any time of the day. Besides the traditional wall dimmer, Nordlux offers an even easier way to dim your lights in the night or early morning with Nordlux Moodmaker™.



Moodmaker™ is a built-in dimmer function that makes it possible to dim the light directly on the lamp or by your regular wall switch. This way it is not necessary to install technically difficult or expensive dimmers.

The Moodmaker™ functionality dims the light in several steps (both colour temperature and brightness, depending on the product) so that you can always create just the light and atmosphere you want.

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