Discover Nordlux at Maison&Objet

Nordlux strives to make lighting you want to keep for many years - in long-lasting materials and timeless design that will never go out of style. At Maison&Objet in January 2023, we present three different lamp designs: Glossy, Mademoiselles, and Bring that all build on innovative design ideas that lift people’s quality of life with light. Here you can learn more about the three designs, the thoughts behind and reach out to us, if you have more questions.

Discover Nordlux at Maison&Objet

Bring is an award-winning outdoor light designed by Timothy Jacob Jensen and Alasdair McPhail. Bring has a long battery life and a water-resistant surface made from recycled materials, making it ideal for bringing anywhere. The recycled plastic originates from both waste material from other productions, as well as recycled plastic bottles. A gentle tap enables the Moodmaker™ functionality and dims the light in two steps. An additional tap turns the light off.

“I have always been inspired by the 3,500-year-old sun chariot sculpture that pulls the sun across the sky during the day, and pulls the moon across the sky at night. This was our inspiration for the Bring light – the idea of being able to bring the light with you, wherever you need it.”

- Timothy Jacob Jensen

Mademoiselles by Danish design studio Mavro/Lefevre has a fun and light-hearted design expression where the round, oversized shade is balanced by the solid, marble base.

Light is reflected upwards onto the bottom of the shade, creating a soft, indirect ambience.

“I find it very interesting working with atmospheres created by light. There are so many aspects where my inner child can be released, playing with angles, materials and openings to create the wanted reflection or diffusion of light.”

- Designer Sofie Lefèvre

Glossy is the epitome of tasteful and sophisticated design. The Danish designer, Maria Berntsen, has created a table lamp that oozes of Nordic minimalism, and where the combination of the exclusive materials, marble, brass and opal white glass contribute to an incredibly elegant design.

Glossy is named after the shiny surface of the opal white glass, which lets a soft and comfortable light shine through.

“Glossy is my favourite lamp. I feel that it successfully balances form and a mix of materials.
The entire construction and expression of the lamp is simple and timeless”

- Designer Maria Berntsen


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Jean Louis Cornu
Export Manager at Nordlux

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