Nordlux outdoor accessories

Glass shades and glass shade gaskets

Many of Nordlux outdoor lights are provided with a glass shade. The Staldglas glass shade is made of clear glass, but is also available in an sanded version. The glass fits most of our lights with only few exceptions. There is a gasket between the glass shade and the screw thread on the lamp. We recommend that you regularly check that the gaskets of your lights are in place and that they form a seal so that no water can enter. It can also be a good idea to lubricate the seals with a little oil, so they stay supple.

Base for Fuse spear lamp

It is possible to buy a base/foot for the Fuse stake lamp so you can place the lamp inside and set it on the terrace, for example.

Base for garden lights

For installation of garden lights, we have a base which is particularly suitable if you want to mount the lamp in the garden or the lawn. The base provides the garden lamp with a good foundation and helps make it more stable. The base fits most of our garden lights.

Stand for Scorpius Maxi

If you have a Scorpius Maxi wall lamp from Nordlux, you have the option to mount it on a stand. The stand is ideal for placing in the driveway if you want the Scorpius Maxi lamp installed but do not have a wall on which it may be mounted. It can also be placed next to the mailbox to provide good lighting, making it safer to fetch the mail if it is dark.