Garden lighting

Nordlux garden lighting

There are many advantages to placing garden lights on your property. During winter they have a practical purpose – to increase visibility, so you and your guests can move safely outdoors and avoid falls. During summer, pillar lights create cosiness and atmosphere around the terrace while also extending the amount of time you can spend outside.

Light in the driveway

Garden lights are a good solution for illuminating a driveway, if you do not want or have the opportunity to install wall lights. Lighting in the driveway is important for your orientation and making it safely to the carport and house. Additionally, it creates a pleasant effect and atmosphere around the house when lit.

Spotlights in the garden

There are many benefits to placing spotlights around the garden. With garden lighting, you can make the garden seem more open and welcoming. With outdoor spotlights, you can also highlight beautiful details in the garden such as bushes and trees. To illuminate trees and flowerbeds, you can use spotlights such as the Spotlight spear, Tin spear or Mono, which are mountable on a spear that can be inserted directly into the ground.

Installation of garden lights

All Nordlux pillar and garden lights are designed for fixed installation. You can fasten the lamp to a DIY foundation, or you can choose to purchase a pillar base that fits most of our garden lights. When you buy the base, the package includes the screws that fit the base of the Nordlux lamp.

Pillar lights

Pillar lights are often installed in the garden for the purpose of illuminating paths and walkways. Good lighting is important if walkways are slightly uneven – you must choose lights that provide proper lighting. It may also be because you want to add more cosiness and style to the garden. Lights used for mood lighting should generally not provide lighting that is too bright.

So consider how the lamp’s design disperses light in the environment in terms of the effect you wish to achieve. Remember also to consider glare if the light source is clearly visible. If the light source is clearly visible, it is advisable to choose a light source with lower wattage to reduce glare.

When you are indoors, it is nice to be able to enjoy an illuminated garden from inside the house. It also helps to make the outdoor area appear larger.